What we do

We use electronics and curiosity for making stuff people love. We give all and we gain fun!

new esthetics

Light is trump – this is the new stuff guys! As a team of professional creatives we´re constantly searching for new way to express our message. We use most recent wearable technology and electronics to come up with unique products that enable us to show you guys something new, something surprising.  So it´s up to you –  take part and come up with your ideas. Let´s dot it. it´s great fun!

Flashmobs and Events

 So making stuff is cool, but sharing with others is even more awesome. We take our technology and designs to the street, where we organize night rides, flashmobs, demonstrations and so on. This is the fun part, so make sure to have a look at our blog to take part at our next event.

A video by LUUV, thanks a lot! Check thier website for their amazinga one-handed stabilizer.

workshops and developement

Make it – wear it! We share our knowledge und do workshops where you can build your very own jacket or device! And welcome all participants to actually use and wear what they made, for example during our night rides through the city of Berlin!

Ready for more? Let´s go out and play!

Take part in our workshop, nightride or tell us about your ideas – just drop us a line.